We consider ourselves professional storytellers. We have one very simple goal: understand your story and tell it creatively and effectively to bring results.


Show & Tell Group is a creative production company. We are skilled writers, producers, directors and editors who can take your project from beginning to end. We work closely with you to ensure effective communications and marketing results


DAvid J Carey

Creative Director



What we do.

It's all about telling the story. We find the heart of the story,

refine the story and then create that story in a way

that hits your target and leaves a lasting mark.


Whether broadcast or web based an effective message captures the attention of the targeted audience and forges a connection. From national brand campaigns to small budget spots we use our creative talents fueled by our extensive knowledge and expertise to deliver your message and create results.


Live Events

Live events are an excellent opportunity to make a strong connections with your audience. We are creative specialists who  can augment live experiences using the tools of theater, audio and video. We  make your live event more effective by creating engaging media to bring the experience to a higher level.



Educate and inform on any topic with a detailed video. It's more than simply delivering the facts, it's about bringing out the best in your team members.  We  create effective instructional videos that connect strongly with the viewer to bring about the desired results.



Create an experience for your customers and stakeholders. Tell your story.  Whether you're introducing new products or describing the unique attributes of your business this is your chance to stand out and connect. We can help.



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